This match is in another Pearcy line from Virginia, matching descendants of John Pearcy b 1645.

This new family matches another family with a common ancestor born in Chowan County, North Carolina in the mid 1700s.

This family is from Carter County, Tennessee with earliest known ancestor George Morton Pearce, born 1802 in North Carolina.

Our new Group B family has an unusual origin for those at the Pierce DNA southern U.S website.  The family has its oldest Pearce ancestor in Shropshire, England. 

There is no match of this family with anyone at the Pierce dna North website.  The line as shown in the pedigrees is all that is currently known about the ancestry of this family. 

This is our first jump across the Atlantic for those in the Pierce south project with a DNA match. 

This family has known origins in South Carolina with George W. Pierce, b. about 1815.  They later are in Forsyth and Gordon counties of Georgia.

This Pearce/Pierce family has known Carolina origins and later moved to Georgia.

The Pierce DNA Project South announces the launching of its newly designed, more user friendly website.  We are pleased with the new look and hope that you will be too.

Here are some of our new features:
1. New site search.  Use this to search for individuals of interest in our pedigree files.
Search may be targeted towards names, places, or dates.  Use "quotes" for exact names or phrases.
2. Pedigrees can be viewed by a selected group only or all pedigrees in the project can be viewed together on a single page.
3. Results chart of standard size can by viewed by clicking the results tab or the choice of a larger chart is now available in the results drop down menu.
Read about some of our success stories using DNA in genealogy research under the "Our Community" tab.  We have success stories in both our southern and northern Pierce DNA projects and have posted a few from both projects.

Some have "jumped the pond" and found their relatives in England.  Others have confirmed their traditional paper trails by finding other related cousins who have the same  Pierce relatives.  An adoptee found his lost Pierce line.

If you've had similar success with DNA, we can add your story along with your oldest family picture.  We would like more stories.  Just contact us if you wish to add yours.