ID89630 (Group CC)
1. Mordecai Pearce born 9 August 1786 Virginia,  died 15 May 1861, married Sarah Bernard in 1812 and they had Mary Ann 1812, Jonathon 1813, and George Washington.  Mordecai then married Anna Ferrand in 1819 and they had Deborah 1821, Strother 1822, Greenberry 1824, Martha 1831, and William Perry.  Anna died 15 July 1856. Mordecai then married Mary J. Jones no known children.

2. Greenberry born 26 Oct 1824 Ky and died 10 Sept 1853, Morgan Co Ky. Greenberry married Susan Brown 27 Jan 1845 Morgan Co Ky.  Susan was born 1823 Ky and died after 1880. They had James Mordecai Pierce May 1847 Morgan Co Ky, Marcus Lafayette Pierce 8 Oct 1848 and he died 12 March 1854, Morgan Co Ky and William Washington Pierce 16 March 1848 Morgan Co Ky.

3. William Washington Pierce born 16 March 1848 Morgan Co Ky and died March 1934 Noble Co. In.  William married Rachel H. Shrout 1 Sep. 1866 in Rowen Co Ky.  Rachel was born about 1851 and died about 1889.  They had Martha born about 1870 Bath Co Ky she died in her teens, Josie born about 1871, Bath Co
Ky. and died in her teens,  Rebecca born about 1873, Bath Co Ky and married Walter Richards in 1893, Mattie E. born 2 March 1876, Bath Co Ky died 1 June in Noble Co, In.  She married Allie Y Alfrey and had 1 son Emerson A Pierce, Chester W. born 1881, Bath Co Ky died Mercer Co W. V. and was married to
Mamlet Garinger and had William Franklin Pierce and then Henry Clifford was born 1886 Bath Co Ky and died 1943 Noble Co In. William then married Laura Wills Staton and had Mae born 19 Aug 1895 Bath Co Ky and died Noble Co In. She married Clifford Hobbs.

4. Henry Clifford Pierce born 1886 Bath Co Ky, died 1943 Noble Co In, he married Virgie Clay 23 Sep 1906.  Virgie was born 5 March 1895 Wyoming Co W.V. and died Dec 1969 Sidney, IL. The first child died at birth, James Arven born 1908 Ky, and was married to Mae Eudean Rochenbaugh, Lillian born 1910 Ky and died 1995 Sidney IL she was married to William Davis, Christine born 1917 and was married to Robert Wilson, Edith Hazel born 28 June 1916 in Taylor Co Ky and died 30 Oct 2003 Whitley Co In, married Perry Redman and then Clay Arthur Pierce born 1 March 1921 Noble Co In died 27 Sept 1985 Noble Co In  and was married to Pearl Putman.