ID 30876 (Group F)
1. GEORGE1PEARCE was born in England, and died April 09, 1705 in Isle of Wight Co., VA. He married ANN. George, a blacksmith by trade, came from Bristol, England to "Nanzemon Towne" in Lancaster County, Virgina. Here his name appears on a land grant dated June 2, 1664. On August 12, 1675, Robert Lawrence, Jr., deeded to George Pearce, Smith of Nansemone, 300 acres of land by Beaver Dam Swamp in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. In the years following, he acquired several thousand acres of land by patent and deeds of sale. His will was appraised by Arthur Whitehead, William Johnson, and Henry Pope.

Child of GEORGE PEARCE and ANN is:
2. PHILLIP2 PEARCE (GEORGE1) was born Abt. 1670 in Isle of Wight Co., VA, and died March 20, 1727/28 in Isle of Wright Co. VA. He married SARAH.

Children of PHILLIP PEARCE and SARAH are:
i.  NATHAN3 PEARCE, b. Abt. 1710, Isle of Wight Co., VA.
ii. RICHARD PEARCE, b. Abt. 1712, Isle of Wight Co., VA; d. Aft. 1790, Johnston Co., NC.
iii.SIMON PEARCE, b. Abt. 1717, Isle of Wight Co., VA; d. Johnston Co., NC. Moved to Johnston County, NC and received a land grant in 1756.
iv. EDWARD PEARCE, b. Abt. 1719, Isle of Wight Co., VA.
v.  ARTHUR PEARCE, RS, b. 1723, Isle of Wight Co., VA; d. October 02, 1792, Johnston Co., NC.

3. NATHAN3 PEARCE (PHILLIP2, GEORGE1) was born Abt. 1710 in Isle of Wight Co., VA. In 1757, Nathan indentured land which he owed in Isle of Wight Co., VA to Robert Holland. At the time he was living in North Hampton Co., NC. He may have later moved to Cumberland Co., NC.

4. NATHAN4 PEARCE (NATHAN3, PHILLIP2, GEORGE1) was born July 09, 1735 in VA, and died February 26, 1821 in Franklin Co., NC. He married SARAH WESTER June 24, 1756.

1st of 12 children - moved to Northampton Co., NC Nathan and Sarah had 7 children 5 sons. These 5 sons in 1771 moved to what was then Bute Co., later Franklin Co., NC and settled on the east side of Moccasin Creek.  Nathan Pearce was No. 80 on the Muster Role of Captain James Fason of  North Hampton Co. NC 1732-1744 in Colonial Soldiers of the South.

i.   ARTHUR5 PEARCE, d. Abt. 1795, Franklin Co. NC.
ii.  PHILLIP PEARCE, b. July 24, 1754; d. February 25, 1812, Franklin Co., NC.
iii. STEPHAN PEARCE, b. Bef. 1756.
iv. JAMES PEARCE, b. Abt. 1758; d. Franklin Co., NC.
v.  JOHN PEARCE, b. Abt. 1766; d. Shelby County, Ind..
vi. ELIZABETH PEARCE, b. Abt. 1767, Franklin County, NC; d. November
13, 1844, Shelby County , Indiana.

5. ARTHUR PEARCE (NATHAN4, NATHAN3, PHILLIP2, GEORGE1) died Abt. 1795  in Franklin Co. NC. He married NANCY PEARCE. :

i.  CORDIE PEARCE, b. Abt. 1794.
ii. WILLIS PEARCE, b. Abt. 1794.

6.  CORDELIA "CORDY" N. PEARCE, b. Feb. 24, 1792 North Carolina; m. MARY GABBIE Feb. 19, 1824 South Carolina; d. August 7, 1856 Tn.

7.  JOHN CULLEN PIERCE, b. April 29, 1826 York, South Carolina; m. Dec. 23, 1880; d. May 2, 1910 Fayette Co. Tn (Oakland).

8.  JOHN CALVIN PIERCE, b. May 2, 1883 at Fayette Co. Tn; m. Feb. 5,  1911; d. Nov. 10, 1970 Memphis, Tn.


ID 31840 (Group F)
1.  George Pearce b. in England; m. Ann. d. April 9, 1705 in Isle of Wight Co., Va.
2-5. Same pedigree as in ID 30876 (Group F)  above.
6.  Cordelia "Cordy" N. Pearce, b. Feb. 24, 1792 North Carolina; m. Mary Gabbie Feb. 19, 1824 South Carolina; d. August 7, 1856 Tn.
7.  John Cullen Pierce, b. April 29, 1826 York, South Carolina; m. Dec. 23, 1880; May 2, 1910 Fayette Co. Tn (Oakland).
8.  Grover Pierce


ID 13947 (Group F)
1   Arthur Pearce b: Abt. 1730 d: Abt. 1790 in NC
+Mary McKinnie

2   Arthur Pearce  b: Abt. 1764 in NC   d: Abt. 1821 in Williamson Co, TN
+Mary Davis  b: Abt. 1773 in Pasquotank Co, NC d: Abt. 1823 in Williamson Co, TN

3   Arthur Davis Pearce  b: 01 Nov 1794 in North Carolina  d: 06 Jan 1872 in Illinois
+Elizabeth Bizzell b: Abt. 1798 m: 17 Aug 1815 in Williamson Co., TN d: 1846 in Illinois

4   William Bizzell Pearce  b: 10 Oct 1816 in Williamson Co , Tennessee d: 09 Aug 1888 in Johnson Co , Ill
+Flava Marah Scott  b: 1836 in Illinois  m: 06 Oct 1855 in Johnson Co Illinois

5   Thomas Douglas Pearce  b: 10 Feb 1857 in Johnson Co , Illinois d: 12 Dec 1926 in Altus , Oklahoma
bu:Sanger TX  ....
+Anvalara Clemetine Miller b: 28 Nov 1856 in Marion , Williamson Co., IL
m: 28 Nov 1874 in Johnson  Co. IL. d: 20 Apr 1940 in Sanger, Texas
bu: Sanger TX,

6   William Wesley Pearce b: 18 Oct 1875 in Cairo , Illinois d: 13 Jan 1950 in Hobbs, Lea, New Mexico
+Mary Elizabeth Cardin  b: 18 Jan 1883 in Athens , Tennessee
m: 05 Jan 1900 in TX  d: 06 Feb 1956 in Las Vegas , New Mexico

7   Allan Cardin Pearce b: 13 Oct 1913 in Aylesworth , Oklahoma d: 16 Jun 1977 in Placerville , California
+Rosa Lee West   b: 13 Mar 1918 in Bokhoma, OK m: 04 Dec 1936 in Carlsbad, NM


ID 28459 (Group F)
1. Phillip Pearce/Pierce b. abt. 1715, m. Martha Andrews, dau. of Warren Andrews of Tyrell County, North Carolina. 1735 sold land in Bertie County, NC. Died after 1790. Lived next door to his sons Andrew and Lovick in Halifax district of Martin County, North Carolina. Children: Andrew, Lovick, Rhoda, Winnifred.

2. Lovick Pierce b. abt. 1760, married Lydia Culpepper. Moved to Barnwell District, South Carolina in 1790. Children: Reddick, Lovick II, Everette Hamilton, Mary, Ann, Lydia, Susan, Sarah, Polly, Martha. Lovick, Sr. and Lydia moved the family to Barnwell District, South Carolina in 1790, and later to Milledgeville, Baldwin County, Georgia.

3. Rev. Lovick Pierce, D.D. (b. 3-24-1785 Martin County, NC, d. 11-9-1879 Sparta, Georgia) m. Ann Martin Foster, dau.of Col. George Wells Foster and Julia Elizabeth Flournoy. Was a prominent member of the clergy of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Served in War of 1812 as a chaplain. Practiced medicine in Greensboro, Georgia. Children: George Foster , Julia Elizabeth, Ann America Susan, Mary Flournoy, James Lovick, Caroline Matilda, Thomas Flournoy Foster, Hamilton Reddick, Clara Columbia, Ella Virginia.

4. Rev. James Lovick Pierce (b. 5-12-1820 in Greensboro, GA, d.2-9-1890) married 1st Sarah Clopton, 2nd Amelia Augusta Roberts (b.1830 Warren County, GA, d. aft 1900, Dallas, TX) Professor of Latin and English Literature, Madison Female College, Georgia.) Children: George F. II, Thomas Roberts, Annie, William Flournoy, James Lovick II, John Foster, Hugh Everette, Alfred

5. Rev. Thomas Roberts Pierce, Sr. (1852-1909) married Sarah Elizabeth Snyder, dau. John & Marinda Willburn Snyder. Was a Curator of Southwestern University at Georgetown, Texas and Editor of the Texas Christian Advocate. Children: Mary Florence, Georgia Frances, Tom Jr., Augusta Willburn, Claudia Snyder, Julia Foster, Edward Lovick.

6. Thomas R. Pierce, Jr. (1884-1957) married Ruby Amanda Fletcher. Tom was born in Texas and graduated Southwestern University in 1905. For many years he was postmaster of Bowie, Montague County, Texas. Children: John Foster (b. 1910), Charles Ray (1913-1991), Mary Frances (b. 1917).


ID 102353 (Group F)
1. Barden Pearce, b about 1820 in Kenly, Johnston Co. NC or possibly Wilson Co. He marries Tilethy Howell on July 28, 1847. A Richard Pearce, whose relationship is unknown, signs his marriage bond.

2. Richard Pearce, son of Barden, b March 15, 1852, d April 26, 1901, m Martha Raines November 23, 1882 (2nd wife).  Later historical documents refer to Richard as Charlie Richard or simply C.R.  His first wife was Ann Davis. All of these events take place in Johnston, Co. NC

3. Walter Lemuel Pearce, son of Richard and Ann, b September 1, 1875 in Pikeville, Johnston Co. NC and died July 4, 1929 in Goldsboro, Wayne Co. NC, m Mattie Lee Alphin January 29, 1901 in Goldsboro, NC. Walter had a brother Albert Delane and two half sisters Omega and Pearl.

4. Herman Earle Pearce, son of Walter, b January 10, 1910 in Dunn, Harnett Co., NC d July 22, 1971 in Montgomery Co. PA, m Mary Bernadette McManus  April 6, 1940 in Philadelphia, PA


ID 170960 (Group F)
1. Dickson Pearce Born 1737 in Virginia died 20 Jan 1817 in Marlboro County, South Carolina
Silas Pearce
Martha Pearce born 25 Oct 1762 in Virginia died 30 March 1853 in Society Hill, Darlington County SC
Anna Pearce born 1771 in Marlboro County South Carolina
Olivia Pearce
John Pearce
Elizabeth Pearce

2. Silas Pearce Born 1760 Virginia Died 1814 in Marlboro County SC he married Elizabeth Sparks born 1765 in Marlboro County SC died 15 Nov 1836 in Marlboro SC
Silas Pearce Jr
William Hunter Pearce
James Heustess Pearce born 20 March 1797 died 3 Feb 1856
Daniel Pearce Died 1835
John Pearce
Mary D Pearce
Loretta Pearce
Dickson Pearce

3. William Hunter Pearce Born 7 Oct 1790 in Marlboro County South Carolina Died 11 Feb 1868 in Marlboro Co SC. He married Elizabeth Bowyer she was born in 1795 in Marlboro Co SC
Peter Bowyer Pearce
William Hunter Pearce Jr Born 1820 in Marlboro Co SC

4. Peter Bowyer Pearce Born 1816 in Marlboro County SC Died May 1898 in Darlington County SC. He married Emily Louise Hunter she was born in 1819 in Darlington Co SC
John Bowyer Pearce born 3 Nov 1838 in Timmonsville, SC died 20 March 1909 in
Timmonsville, SC
George Pawley Pearce
Anne E Pearce born 1842
Sarah E Pearce born 1843
Mary Ellen Pearce born 1845
William Hunter Pearce born Jan 1849
Emily Pearce born 1850
Peter Robert Pearce born 1852
Oliver Bloomfild Pearce born 1857

5. George Pawley Pearce born 5 May 1840 in Timmonsville, Darlington County SC died 2 Oct 1910 in Timmonsville, Florence County SC. He married Patience Elizabeth Morris born 23 Apr 1841 in Timmonsville, Darlington Co SC died 23 Nov 1916 in Cartersville, Florence Co SC.
Lela E Pearce born 1866
Engenia Pearce born 1868
George Martin Pearce born 11 June 1870
Sarah Alethea Pearce 1872
Morris Hunter Pearce
Lula M Pearce born 1877
Paul Caridene Pearce born 31 March 1881

6. Morris Hunter Pearce Born 9 Apr 1875 in Timmonsville, Darlington County SC died 29 March 1942 in Shiloh, Sumter County SC. He married Mary Elizabeth Oliver born 14 March 1881 in Jasper, Darlington County South Carolina. Died 16 Apr 1966 in Lansdale, Pa
Lena Pearce born 1901
Leila M Pearce born 1903
Jenalee Pearce born 12 Jan 1904
Eiizabeth Pearce born 1906
Rebecca Pearce born 1908
Frances Aletha Pearce born 29 Aug 1909
Ida E Pearce born 1913
Annie L Pearce born 1914
James Austin Pearce born 29 Jan 1915
Morris Hunter Pearce Jr
Lula Miriam Pearce born 1920
Doris Pearce born 7 Apr 1921

7. Morris Hunter Pearce Jr born 5 Jan 1917 in Cartersville, Florence County SC died 4 Dec 1979 in Hartsville, Darlington County SC. He married Dorothy Mae Jones she was born 27 Oct 1927 in Paris, Bourbon County Ky. She died 15 Feb 2005 in Lexington, Fayette County Ky.


ID 56687 (Group F)
1. George Pearce born about 1640 in Bristol, England
married Ann ?
a blacksmith by trade, he bought several thousand acres of land in Lancaster Co.
Va in 1664 and moved there.  Bought more land in 1671 and 1684. died April 9,
1705 in Isle of Wight Co. Va

2. Philip Pearce
born about 1670 in Isle of Wight Co. Va
married Sarah ?
died April 1728 in Isle of Wight Co. Va

3. Richard Pearce
born about 1712 in Isle of Wight Co. Va
married Sarah Fulgrum in about 1735
moved family to Johnston County, NC.
died Nov 20, 1790 in Johnston Co. NC.

4. Simon Pearce
born about 1745
died 1827 in Johnston Co. NC

5. Lovett (Loverd) Pearce
married Leah ?
moved family to Randolph Co. Ga around 1830
died Cuthbert, Ga in 1839.

6. Dixon F. Pearce (also known as Dickson)
born 1825 in North Carolina
married Martha Maddox. She remarried William Cannon 11/6/1866
died  Thomas Co. Ga between 1860 and 1866

7. Christopher Columbus Pearce, Sr.
born 8/26/1857 in Cuthbert, Ga
married Zudie Butler
died 10/4/1937 in SC

8. Dixon F. Pearce, Sr.
born 5/19/1894 in Whigham, Ga
married Isbell Beacham
died 10/23/1974 in Greenville, SC


ID 31585 (Group F)
1.  Burrell Pierce, b. 1804 in Wake County, NC.
m. Rebecca Robinson August, 1829.

2.  George Pierce, b. 1835 in North Carolina. 
m. (1) Sarah Margaret Deatherage, daughter of John English Deatherage and Hannah Lackey Campbell, in February 1860 in Texas.  Sarah died in 1864 (typhoid).

3.  John English Pierce, b. 1863 in Fannin County, Texas.  d. 1944 in Ida, Texas. 
m. Sallie Jackson Greer.

4.  Vestal Pierce, b. October 31, 1886 in Pilot Point, Denton, Texas.  d. February 1924 in Durango, Colorado.
m. Jessie Mabel Redmon in January 1909. (Vestal's mother Sallie remarried in December 1889 to Charles A. Eaton. Marriage was in Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas.  From that point, Vestal was known as Charles Vestal Eaton.)


ID 78774 (Group F)
1. Nathan Pearce b. 09 July 1735 in Va.  m. Sarah Wester 24 Jun 1756 d. 26 Feb 1821 in Franklin Co., NC.
2. Arthur Pearce m. Nancy.  He d. Abt. 1795 in Franklin Co., NC.
3. Cordelia N. Pierce b 14 Feb. 1792 in NC.  m. Mary Gabby 1824 in York District, South Carolina.  d. 1856 in Fayette Co., TN
4. John Cullen Pierce b. April 1826 in SC.   m. Emma Williams.  d. Oakland, Fayette Co., TN
5. Surrey Edward Pierce b. 22 Mar 1886 in TN.  m. Myrtle Inez Stanton  April 1915 in Hardeman Co., TN.  d. 1962 in Oakland, Fayette Co., TN.
6. Edward Stanton Pierce b. 30 Jan 1916 in Burnsville, Tishomingo Co., MS. m. Avis Louise Ford 12 July 1941 in Burnsville, MS.  d. 17 Dec. 1950 in Laurel, Jones Co., MS.


ID 338926 (Group F)
1. Lovett Pearce b. about 1782 Johnston Cty, NC d. Cuthbert, GA 1839 Married Leah ? b. ? d ? about 1810

2.Everett J Pearce b 1815 Johnston Cty, NC d about 1851 m. about 1838 in Georgia to Elizabeth Shirley/Sharley/Shearly etc. b. 1822 d?

3. Nathan E Pearce b 1851 in Randolph County, GA d 18 Mar 1926 Dade County, FL m Julia Catherine Jones b ? d ? in Alabama about 1880-1890
In 1856, he and his several siblings were placed under the guardianship of Everett's brothers, Dickson Pearce and Heywood H Pearce. Between 1851 (Nathan's birth) and 1856, both of Nathan's parents died (Everett and Elizabeth, causes unknown, unmarked graves said to be at Sharon United Methodist Church in Randolph Cty, GA

4. Thomas Jones Pearce b 9 Apr 1890 Clopton, AL m ? Lollie Leta Goodson b 1898 Gadsden, FL d 1958 Miami, FL

5. Phil Jones Pearce b 19 Sep 1917 Quincy, Gadsden, FL d ll July 1979 Decatur, GA m Dorothy Theresa Hosea 3 Sep 1938 in Miami, FL She was born 15 Dec 1919 Atlanta GA d 5 Aug 2013 Stanwood, WA


ID 342443 (Group F)
1. John Richard William Pearce b. 11 Aug 1823 Williamson Co., Tenn d. 9 Aug 1906 Salado, Independence County, Arkansas
-notes: was in the Civil War Confederacy- Missouri Calvary 3rd Regiment, Company C
m. 1st 16 Dec 1846 to Mary Higgs in Lawrence County, Tennessee
 Daughter of Father unknown, mother Maley or Molly (Maiden name unknown) b 1784 NC
d. unknown
m. 2nd Sarah Ellen “Sally” Herron around 1862-1863 in Fulton, Fulton County, Arkansas
Daughter of Emmanuel Herron b 1818 in White County, Tenn D 1840 in Izard County, AR and Luana “Fanny” Runnels b. abt 1824 in Arkansas d. around 1871-1880 in Bennetts Bayou, Fulton County, Arkansas

2. Charles Henry Pearce b. 31 Aug 1876 in Greenbrier Township, Independence County, Arkansas d. 7 Dec 1948 in Butler County, Missouri
m. Minnie Alma Carlile on 20 April 1902 b. 16 May 1884 in Randol, Cape Giradeau, Missouri
d. Butler County, Missouri : Daughter of Shebascum Findley Carlile b 11 Oct 1849 Hopkins County, Kentucky  d. 19 Oct 1918 in Desha, Independence County, Arkansas  and Louisa Bain
b. 8 Aug 1852 in Franklin, Illinois and d. 12 Jan 1918 in Desha, Independence Co, Arkansas

3. John Bascum Pearce b. 10 Oct 1903 in Batesville, Independence County, AR d. 7 Jan 1954 in Batesville, Independence Co, AR
m. Esther Ellen Plaster 24 Dec 1923 in Independence Co AR b. 4 April 1902 in Moniteau, MO
d. 5 Nov 1966 in Newport, Jackson County, AR
Daughter of Ambrose Milton Plaster b. 17 July 1875 in Walker, GA d. 13 Feb 1957 in McHue, Independence Co, AR and Jessie Belle Hackney b. 22 Jan 1878 in Cole, Benton Co, MO  d. 30 Jan 1954 in McHue, Independence Co, AR

4. John Winfred Pearce b. 19 Oct 1924 in Batesville, Independence Co, AR d. Newport, Jackson County, AR
1st m. Dorothy Evelyn Hines 23 Nov 1945 in Jackson County AR.  B. 21 Oct 1927 in Newport, Jackson Co, AR d. 31 May 2005 Newport, Jackson Co, AR Daughter of William H Hines b. 25 Dec 1885 Lunenburg, Izard Co, AR d. 2 May 1963 Kenner, LA  and Ada Gertrude Brewer b. 22 Nov 1893 in MS d. 28 May 1994 in Newport, Jackson Co, AR


ID 339665 (Group F)
1. BARDEN PEARCE, b 1820 in NC; married TILETHY HOWELL. (c1827- c1875) on 28 Jul 1847 in Johnston, NC (Bond signed on 28 Jul 1847; Richard Pearce bondsman).


        i.    SOPHIA PEARCE, b c1849 in NC.

        ii.   CHARLES RICHARD PEARCE, b 15 Mar 1851 in NC.

        iii.  SALLY PEARCE, b c1854 in NC.

        iv.   LAWRENCE PEARCE, b c1855 in NC.

        v.    ELI PEARCE, b c1859 in NC.
        vi.   RILEY PEARCE,  b 1863 in NC.

        vii.  BARDEN PEARCE,  b 1865 in NC.

        viii. NARCISSUS PEARCE,  b 1869 in NC.

2. CHARLES RICHARD PEARCE, b 15 Mar 1851 in Fremont, Wayne, NC; d 26 Apr1901.  He married (1) ANNIE DAVIS on 08 Jan 1874 in Wayne, NC.  He married (2) MARTHA RAINES on 23 Nov 1882 in Johnston, NC.

Charles Richard Pearce and Annie Davis children:

        i.    ALBERT DANIELS PEARCE, b 30 Apr 1874 in NC; d 17 May 1944    

              in Wilson, NC.

        ii.   WALTER LEMUEL PEARCE, b 01 Sep 1875 in Pikeville,           

              Johnston, NC; d 04 Jul 1929 in Goldsboro, Wayne, NC.

Charles Richard Pearce and Martha Raines children:

        iii.  PEARL PEARCE, b Apr 1885 in NC.

        iv.   OMEGA PEARCE, b Aug 1886 in NC.

3. ALBERT DANIELS PEARCE, b 30 Apr 1874 in NC; d 17 May 1944 in Wilson, NC; married Lucretia "Luecrecy" Gurley on 29 Nov 1898 in Wayne, NC.

        i.    LUTHER ELLIE PEARCE,  b 22 Sep 1901 in NC.

        ii.   JOHN HARVEY PEARCE, b 22 Sep 1909 in Boon Hill, Johnston,    

              NC; d 19 May 1962 in Selma, Johnston, NC.

        iii.  ALBERT DAVID PEARCE,  b 23 Nov 1916 in Johnston, NC

4. LUTHER ELLIE PEARCE,  b 22 Sep 1901 in Johnson, NC;  d 08 Dec 1962 in Wilson, Wilson, NC;  m Thelma Mae Stainback 02 Jul 1924 in Wilson, NC.


        i.    ROBERT LEE PEARCE,  b 02 Aug 1928 in Wilson, Wilson, NC.

5. ROBERT LEE PEARCE  b 02 Aug 1928 in Wilson, Wilson, NC;  d 03 Jan 2008 in Wilson, Wilson, NC; m Martha Ann Jones 29 Apr 1951 in Wilson, NC.  


        i.    PHIL LEE PEARCE,  b 10 Apr 1953 in Wilson, NC.

6. PHIL LEE PEARCE,  b 10 Apr 1953 in Wilson, NC; d 30 Jun 2011 in Monument, El Paso, CO.


ID 902181 (Group F)
1. Nathan(Nathaniel) Hardy Pearce 1735-1821 (m. Nancy Sarah Westray/Webster)

2. Phillip Pearce 1757-1812 (m. Nancy Bunn)

3. Hardy Pearce 1789-1860 (m. Clara Strickland)

4. Strickland Pierce 1822-1864 (Killed in Civil War) m. Margaret Mitchell

5. Atlas Strickland (Strick) Pearce 1854-1930 (m. Mary Ann Bunn)

6. John Omega (Miggie) Pearce 1884-1980 (Nannie Onie Perry)

7. Alvin Oren (Ben) Pearce 1915-2001 (Dorothy Mae Beck)

8. Paul David Pearce 1943-1986


ID 935722 (Group F)
1. Levi Pearce was born 28 October 1808 in Johnston County, North Carolina. He married Maria Louise Henderson about 1838. He died 26 July 1892 in Jackson, East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana.

2. Levi Pearce was born 28 December 1856 in Yazoo County, Mississippi. He married Ella Moore 16 March 1885 in Livingston, Guatamala. He died 16 August 1926 in Cotulla, La Salle County, Texas.

3. Levi Pearce was born 13 August 1893 in Fairview, Punta Gorda, British Honduras.
He married Mallie Lee Harris 8 May 1919 in Chatom, Washington County, Alabama.
He died 4 February 1967 in Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama.

4. Charlie Levi Pearce was born 7 March 1925 in Uniform, Washington County, Alabama. He died 23 December 1966 in Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama.








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