ID 56781 (Group P)
1.   Wiley Pearce b. 1801 N.C. died c. 1873, Henry Co. Alabama.  Married Sarah Jane ? b. 1802  N.C. d.  c. 1879, Alabama.  (Wiley apparently lived a number of years in South Carolina and then in southeast Georgia before moving to Henry Co. Al in 1829)   He was a farmer, miller, and justice of the peace.  No known documented siblings or relatives  other than children:
      a. James Pearce (c. 1828-1855) m. Sarah Jane Benton. Children: Mary
Eliza, James Ervin, John D.
      b. Jonathan Pearce (c. 1829-?) m. Martha Vann Wright.  Children: three
daughters, one son
      c. Mary Elizabeth Pearce (c. 1830-?) m. ? Benton. Children: Elizabeth,
Mary, Susan E,  Nancy
      d. Sarah Jane Pearce (c. 1832-1863) m. William Wright, Jr.  Children:
Sarah Jane (1851), William (1853), Mary E. (1856), Wesley (1860)
      e. Wiley Pearce (c. 1834-1862) m. Argent A. Riley.  Children: James B.
(1859), and William J. (1860)
      f.  William T. Pearce--see below--2.
      g. Martha Ann Pearce (c. 1838-?) m. James Benton.  Children: James Jr.
(1857), and John (1858)
      h. Asberry H. Pearce (1840-1924) m. Biddy Ann Riley.  Children:
Mussila (1860), Queen A. R. (1866), Eli E. (1868), James W. (1870), Charles
(1872), Emma (1874), and Oscar (1876).
      i.  John Pearce (c. 1845-1864)
2.   William T. Pearce (c.1836 d. 15 April 1891), married Louisa Jane Morrison (1833-1921).
      Children: Mary Elizabeth (1858), Sarah Jane (Sally) (1859), Wiley
Benjamin (1860-1936), John B. (1869-1909), Henry A. (1866-?), and  Martha Ann (Mattie) (1876-?)
3.   Wiley Benjamin Pearce (1860-1936)